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discovered last night that i probably cant go to sdcc next year, which makes me really sad because im pretty sure hiddles is going to be there…but i just discovered wizard world portland has two guests from shield and ive already realized dragon con would definitely not interfere with school so that sorta makes up for it. sort of…


good thing i dont watch this show with my mom cause that wasn’t just a sex scene that was a sex episode

#it had some good character stuff too but damn #great episode #yeah #um

wow catching up on 3 days of tumblr took far less time than i thought it would

#probably cause i scrolled past most everything #now to FINALLY watch outlander



RCCC Saturday

Had a great time wandering around and doing a Game of Thrones photoshoot and then getting in the costume contest!! If you’ve got any pictures of me let me know!

And of course if you know any of the cosplayers here please let me know so I can give credit :)

Ronan the Accuser is my friend Chad, who doesn’t really exist online. Fun fact; he was making this costume just to go trick or treating with his niece.

Wow!! That’s so awesome :) His costume was amazing!



"Oh this darn wind does nothing for the hair style…"

#...not what i expected #lol #Jon Snow


Happy 66th birthday to George R.R. Martin (September 20th, 1948).

#George R R Martin #that's so awesome though cause that was saturday #when i was at a GoT photoshoot with someone cosplaying him

their time’s coming to an end
#Winter Soldier #Black Widow #Natasha Romanoff #Winterwidow #muse lyrics akljgfd #i love that song so much

#Tom Hiddleston




It was his real hair in this movie and I love it.

I know!!! I love his hair in this scene.

I will always reblog this for ultimate sexy Prince Loki fighting with no remorse. Quick and lethal, not getting his hands dirty.

my kind of man :D i love his face here and i’ve tried to paint it so many times and it never comes out right :(

#Thor #Loki #always reblog

Go on Tommy, shave him good. He’s never met a girl he likes better than his own hair. 

#Game of Thrones #Jon Snow #his face tho